Temporary Road of Bogmats

For the keenest price on rental please email or phone +44 (0)78 8763 8234 – info@diggermats.co.uk
our standard price for rental is
€7 per mats / per week for 5m x 1m x 100mm mats
€11 per mat / per week for 5m x 1m x 150mm mats

Industrial Matting

Industrial matting also know as cribbing temporary work platform or surface bridging is widely used throughout the pipeline, energy exploration and utility companys to support heavy equipment.

Digger Mats Track
Reinforced Road

History of Bogmats

Mat RoadThe first bogmats were used in ireland in 148 BC and are knowen as the Corlea trackway. They were used to make a temporary road into the bog.